Friends of Bert's

Friend of Bert’s Preventive Maintenance Program  

     How do I become a Friend of Bert's?

     To become a Friend of Bert's, Bert's Auto & Tires would perform a major vehicle inspection and report on the condition of all aspects of the vehicle, including fluid conditions.  After discussing the condition of the vehicle with the customer, together we would develop a plan to bring the vehicle back to top shape.  If the customer decides to go through with all the needed repairs, then 10% of the billed labour from those repairs would be credited back to the customer.  Many times this refunded money will end up paying for the initial major inspection.  We would then decide with the owner which maintenance plan best suits his or her driving needs.  From here, we would put the vehicle on this maintenance program, where the customer would bring his or her vehicle to Bert's Auto & Tires for all their vehicles needs.  

     Being a Friend of Bert's makes your life easier, because there is no need to go various places to keep your car in tip top shape.  Bert's Auto & Tires will take care of everything!

     Sign up today to be a Friend of Bert's and receive:

     - Free Vehicle Inspections (1 FREE Major Inspection per year) when you sign up

     - Alignment Checks (any repairs or adjustments will be charged for)

     - Lower labor rates
     - Lower parts pricing
     - Lower tire prices

     - Courtesy Car Use

     - Redeemable coupons

     - Free consultation

     - Vehicle History

         As you can see, we at Bert’s are willing to go the extra mile for our loyal customers, and will do whatever we can to keep your vehicle ownership stresses to a minimum.

Thanks for allowing us to serve you. 

Henry, Steve & Ron Vanderveen